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Sometimes there is more to the news than meets the eye. Here you will find stories that dig deeper under the surface to analyze what is happening within the industry and the story behind the story.


A Singapore Airlines A350-900 taxiing to the runway. 1
How Much More Can Singapore Airlines Grow?

With no domestic market and coming out of its toughest period yet, what is the industry-leading carrier's expansion plan?

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A private Gulfstream G650ER jet shown moments before landing at the Los Angeles International Airport. 1
Private Jet Near Misses: Why Pilots Are Getting Runway Instructions Wrong

The matter has become a hot topic after a string of incidents in recent months.

An easyJet plane taxing at Luton Airport 1
36% Of All Flights Worldwide Are Low-Cost

The country with the highest percentage of low-cost flights is Latvia.

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The Ten Shortest LAX Routes This Month

The shortest route is to Santa Barbara at just 89 miles.

A China Airlines Airbus A350 flying in the sky. 1
5 Things You Didn't Know About Taiwanese Flag Carrier China Airlines

A few interesting facts about the Taoyuan-based SkyTeam member.

A Boeing 777X flying in the sky. 1
Which Airlines Have Ordered The Boeing 777X?

So far, a total of nine passenger airlines have ordered the Boeing 777X.

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Lukas Souza 07-24-23 DEN -77-Enhanced-NR-1 1
United Airlines Makes Significant Alterations To China Flights

Most of United's China route relaunches were pushed back until 2024.

A British Airways Boeing 777 Landing At London Gatwick Airport As A Train Arrives. 1
Which UK Airports Have Their Own Railway Stations?

A look at how to access the country's major air hubs by rail.

A Pratt & Whitney Advanced Ducted Propulsor engine on a test stand. 1
How Are Jet Engine Noise Levels Tested?

Sensitive sensors can measure noise to a fraction of a decibel.

A Qantas Airport Hanger in Sydney Australia. 1
Unsung Heroes: 5 Ways In Which Maintenance Engineers Keep An Airline's Fleet Moving

Maintenance engineers work tirelessly both on the ground and in closed hangers to keep aircraft in the air.

A Goodyear Blimp flying in Deerfield Beach, Florida 1
What Is The Goodyear Blimp?

The round and colorful objects that have graced the American and European skies.

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Pilot in a cockpit 1
Discussion Around Pilot Fatigue Intensifies In India

The recent incidents of pilot deaths have brought the focus back on pilot fatigue in India.

Looking through an aircraft window as the plane dumps fuel  1
Why Do Commercial Planes Sometimes Dump Fuel?

Unless a flight has a severe problem or a medical emergency, pilots would rather keep flying in circles to burn off fuel rather than dump it.

A private jet parked at an airport 1
What Sorts Of Landing Fees Do Private Jets Face?

Fees between airports and private plane owners are often negotiated on an individual basis.

easyJet and Ryanair  1
Examined: The 5 Airlines Worldwide With The Most Hidden Fees

Do you know who has the highest fees?

A China Eastern Airlines COMAC C919 taxiing at Shanghai Airport. 1
The China Eastern Airlines Fleet In 2023

The carrier is one of the world's largest by fleet size.

A Bombardier Global 7500 flying over mountainous terrain. 1
Ethiopian Airline Boeing 737 MAX in the snow. 1
Ethiopia's Combined Aircraft Fleet Is Valued At $5.25 Billion

Ethiopia's air transport sector is driven by its well-performing national carrier.

A NASA M2-F1 flying in the sky. 1
How Does That Thing Fly? 5 Unorthodox-Looking Aircraft From Then & Now

The unswept, untapered wings are fairly unconventional in today’s time.

IndiGo Airbus A320 1
Around 40 Planes Grounded: How Is IndiGo Managing The Situation?

The airline has been able to mitigate losses due to a strong fleet built over the years.