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North America

North America is home to the three largest airlines in the world by revenue and two of the three largest by passengers carried. Including Canada, Mexico, and other nations, here you'll find more than just US news.


An American Airlines Boeing 787 flying in the sky. 1
How Do American Airlines' Boarding Groups Work And How To Move Up

From status levels to credit cards, you can move up the boarding order quickly.

United Airlines Boeing 787 1
FAA Reaches 2023 Hiring Goal For Air Traffic Controllers

The administration has hired 1,500 air traffic controllers this year alone.

A Viva Aerobus aircraft landing in Mexico City 1
Industry Warns Against Hourly Reductions At Mexico City Airport

Earlier this year, the airport saw a reduction from 61 to 52 hourly operations, and forced all-cargo flights to move out.

A Texas International Airlines Convair CV-600 parked at Dallas Love Field. 1
Dazzling: 5 Colorful US Airline Liveries From Years Gone By

Liveries can make an aircraft stand out on the ramp, or blend in with the rest.

An Aeromexico Boeing 787 Dreamliner 8 landing in MEX. 1
Aeromexico Celebrates Ten Years Of Boeing 787 Operations

The Mexican carrier currently has 20 Dreamliners.

A Boeing 777X flying in the sky. 1
Which Airlines Have Ordered The Boeing 777X?

So far, a total of nine passenger airlines have ordered the Boeing 777X.

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Panning An Alaska Airlines 737 9 MAX Lift-Off From SEA 1
Travelling Internationally With Alaska Airlines Just Got Easier For US & Canada Passport Holders

Starting today, Mobile Verify will make the airport process smoother for eligible passengers.

maxjet airlines 767 1
What Happened To All-Business US Airline MAXjet Airways?

The Washington D.C.-based carrier operated for just two years before it went bust.

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United Airlines planes at Chicago O'Hare Airport 1
United Airlines Expands Sesame Street Partnership To Help Children Who Are In Need

The carrier will match the first million miles donated this year.

A Goodyear Blimp flying in Deerfield Beach, Florida 1
What Is The Goodyear Blimp?

The round and colorful objects that have graced the American and European skies.

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xb-1-engine-testing-2 1
Boom Supersonic’s XB-1 Has Experimental Certification: What’s Next?

Boom Supersonic's XB-1 prototype is cleared for test flight. Read on for what's being tested with XB-1 and why.

JetBlue Airways aircraft at Terminal B at New York LaGuardia Airport. 1
Have The USA’s Fake Service Animal Rules Gone Too Far?

Nearly 500 complaints from people with disabilities were reported last year.

Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200 Landing In Salt Lake City 1
Why Did Delta Air Lines Take On The Boeing 757?

The 'flying pencil' remains an important aircraft type for the US legacy carrier today.

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Tampa Airport Will Close At Midnight Ahead Of Tropical Storm Idalia

Ahead of a potential hurricane, Tampa International suspended operations at 00:01 on Tuesday.

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French Bee, Zipair, And 2 More Airlines Added To TSA PreCheck

The list of approved PreCheck carriers now exceeds 90.

American Airlines aircraft 1
American Airlines Fined $4.1 Million For Unlawful Tarmac Delays

The fine is part of the Department of Transportation's wider work on strengthening passengers' rights.

TWA Boeing 727 1
How A TWA Boeing 727 Landed After Being Bombed In 1986

The pilot had to act quickly following the shock.

Delta Air Lines Boeing 737-832 taking off from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. 1
Passenger Claims Delta Air Lines Lost Her Dog At Atlanta Airport

Contributing to the complications, the passenger was denied entry into the US.

Continental Airlines Boeing 737 1
History: Why Did Continental & United Airlines Agree To Merge?

Mergers were seen as a way to grow the network and save money.

Charter GPT, Honda jet 1
FAA Seeks To Close Regulatory Charter Loophole

The FAA is willing to accept public comments once the proposal is put in the Federal Register.