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Matt's eyes have been turned to the sky for as long as he can remember. A former newspaper editor, Matt is a lifelong avgeek whose earliest memories include talking aviation with his grandfather, a retired US Air Force pilot. Matt has lived in Greece, Czechia, and Germany for studies and for work, and is currently based in the US, near Dallas. Matt recently took the plunge to become a pilot himself and is transitioning into an aviation career.

A Texas International Airlines Convair CV-600 parked at Dallas Love Field. 1
Dazzling: 5 Colorful US Airline Liveries From Years Gone By

Liveries can make an aircraft stand out on the ramp, or blend in with the rest.

A Business Jet flying in the sky. 1
Throwback: David Bowie's Unlikely Heroics Aboard A Private Jet

David Bowie once carried Peter Frampton off a private jet during an emergency evacuation.

Crystal Air Cruises Boeing 777 1
Throwback: When The Boston Red Sox Hired A Private Boeing 777

When traveling across the Atlantic for the MLB's first European game, the Boston Red Sox flew in style.

A passenger watches a plane depart from a terminal building window. 1
Planning A Connecting Itinerary: 5 Top Tips

Connecting flights are what you make them.

Delta Air Lines Biscoff Cookies 1
Why Are Biscoff Cookies Such A Popular Inflight Snack?

The sweet crunchy cookies have been a staple of the skies for more than 30 years.

Cessna Skyhawk Inflight 1
5 Things That Aspiring Pilots Should Know Before Starting Training

Flight training can be incredibly rewarding, but prospective students should gain a clear understanding of what they are signing up for.

VistaJet Bombardier Challenger Parked In Moscow 1
Why Private Jets Usually Fly Higher

Flying at higher altitudes offers private jets several operational efficiencies.

An Ilyushin Il-76 Taking Off From an Ice Runway In Antarctica. 1
What Infrastructure Is Required To Support Ice Runway Operations In Antarctica?

Flights to and from one of the harshest environments on earth are no small task.

A Spirit Airlines Airbus A320neo Taxiing At An Airport. 1
Flying With Spirit Airlines: A First-Time Guide

Spirit Airlines can be a great deal, but travelers should come prepared.

A British Airways Concorde taxiing to the gate. 1
Throwback: 5 Famous Frequent Concorde Passengers

Concorde's celebrity passenger list was long and distinguished.

A Departure Board Showing many Delayed Flights. 1
Analysis: The 5 Most Delay-Prone US Airports For Departing Flights

While some of these airports might be hard to avoid, passengers may want to be ready for delays.

Global-7500-interior 1
4 Ways Private Jets Can Help Beat Jetlag

Private jets give travelers the chance to take better care of themselves during long journeys.

British Airways Airbus A380 approaching runway for a landing at Los Angeles International Airport 1
How Are Aircraft & Airport Noise Levels Measured & Monitored?

Noise is generally measured in decibels, but there are many ways those measurements are used and interpreted to determine levels of noise pollution.

Baby on plane 1
What Nationality Is Given To Babies Born On Flights?

What legal rights do babies born in-flight have?

Pilot in refueling F-16 1
What's In A Name: A Brief Guide To Military Pilot Callsigns

Military pilot callsigns are more than just identifiers.

Airplane and car 1
How Do Pilot Licenses Look Compared To Those Used To Drive Cars?

Pilot certificates and driver's licenses include some of the same information, but serve different purposes and utilize different aesthetics.

A Passenger using their mobile phone on an aircraft while wearing a face mask. 1
5 Interesting Post-Pandemic Aviation Trends

How is the aviation industry continuing to change post-pandemic?

Two pilots in the flight deck of a Boeing 777. 1
Explained: The Importance Of Background Checks In Aviation Recruitment

Government-mandated background checks are a part of life for a wide range of people and positions within the aviation industry.

A passenger watches a plane depart from a terminal building window. 1
8 Top Tips For Cutting Business Travel Expenses From An Expert

We learn from an insider how to cut costs without sacrificing business travel itself.

Four fighter jets of the Blue Angles in formation. 1
Blue Angels: Five Fun Facts About The US Navy's Display Team

The US Navy and Marines' premier demonstration team has been wowing spectators since 1946.

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