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Airbus is the European heavyweight when it comes to aircraft manufacturers. The planemaker has three current aircraft families, having pulled the plug on the A380 before the pandemic began.


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1st Air India Airbus A350-900 Performs Maiden Flight

The flight took place across the southern skies of France, with the aircraft sporting a complete white paint job.

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Which Airlines Have Ordered The Airbus A321XLR

Looking at the carrier seeking to take advantage of Airbus' Xtra Long Range performance.

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Spirit Aerosystems Continues To Face Financial Hardship

The company will look to recover next year.

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Wizz Air Affirms Airbus Commitment Ordering 75 More Airbus A321neos

The Airbus A321neo is undoubtedly Wizz Air's aircraft of choice.

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How The Airbus EcoPulse Demonstrator Is Advancing Distributed Hybrid-Electric Propulsion

The program is already seeing plenty of exciting prospects.

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Airbus H1 Revenues And Orders Soar But Income Falls

Airbus is in a buoyant mood with the massive orders from the Paris Air Show and revised production rates painting a rosy second half ahead.

The Government of Canada orders 4 new Airbus A330 MRTTs 1
Canadian Air Force Orders Four Airbus A330 Tankers

The first A330 MRTT will be delivered to the Royal Canadian Air Force in 2027.

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Airbus Considering Hiring A Separate Boss For Its Aircraft Manufacturing Business

The news follows an alleged history of internal disputes at the aerospace company.

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Final Airbus Beluga XL Performs 1st Flight

BelugaXL 6 took off from Toulouse five years after the first XL flight.

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Airbus A321XLR Range Could Be Impacted By Design Safeguards

There is concern regarding the permanent Rear Center Tank and the risk in the event of an accident.

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Delta Air Lines Adds 12 More Airbus A220-300 Orders

The recently exercised options bring the carrier's total order to 131 aircraft in the A220 family.

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Airbus Offers 5% Free SAF On Delivery Flights From Toulouse and Hamburg

IndiGo was the first airline to claim this offer.

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The Airbus A380 Stretch - The 1000 Seat Plane Which Never Got Built

Airbus wanted to add even more capacity to the double-decker giant.

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Qantas Airbus A220 1
Airbus Begins Building Qantas' 1st A220

The first of 29 twinjets on order will arrive in Australia by the end of 2023.

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The Ten Shortest Airbus A220 Routes In July

Short hops like Rome to Naples or Zurich to Stuttgart make the top ten of this intriguing list.

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The Ten Longest Airbus A220 Longest Routes In July

JetBlue has the longest A220 route at 2,689 miles.

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Airbus Opens Toulouse A320 Final Assembly Line Replacing The A380 Factory

The first aircraft fully assembled at the facility, an A321, will roll out by the end of this year.

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Airbus Has An 8,000 Aircraft Backlog With 91% For Single Aisle Jets

In the first half of 2023, Airbus booked orders for 1044 aircraft, heavily skewed by the massive orders from IndiGo and Air India.

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Airbus To Repair A380s With Wing-Spar Cracking

Airbus will support Emirates in carrying out inspection and repair works on some Airbus A380s following accelerated wing-spar cracking.

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Details Of IndiGo's Massive Paris Air Show Order Revealed In Airbus' Order Book

The airline has proved that the A320 family perfectly fits India.