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Airbus Beluga XL


Airbus Beluga XL 6 1
Final Airbus Beluga XL Performs 1st Flight

BelugaXL 6 took off from Toulouse five years after the first XL flight.

Airbus Beluga XL on taxiway 1
Toulouse-Bound Airbus BelugaXL Diverts To Lyon

The aircraft flew in a holding pattern at its destination before diverting to Lyon.

Lukas Souza 02-01-23 Final 747 Takeoff -105 1
The Top 10 Largest Planes Ever Made

Let's take a closer look at the giants of aviation.

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Beluga XL greeted by people in Toulouse 1
The Battle Of The Beasts: The Boeing Dreamlifter vs Airbus BelugaXL

Let's take a look at these two giants and how they came to be.

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[1] Em sua primeira visita ao Brasil, Airbus Beluga estacionará no hangar de manutenção da Azul 1
Azul To Take Care Of Airbus' Beluga While It Visits Brazil

The first airbus Beluga to visit Latin America arrived in Brazil on Monday, parking at Azul's MRO facility.

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