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Deputy Editor & Lead Journalist - Europe. Sumit comes to Simple Flying with more than eight years’ experience as a professional journalist. Having written for The Independent, Evening Standard, and others, his role here allows him to explore his enthusiasm for aviation and travel. Having built strong relationships with United Airlines, TAP Air Portugal, Icelandair, and more, Sumit excels in both aviation history and market analysis. Based in London, UK.

maxjet airlines 767 1
What Happened To All-Business US Airline MAXjet Airways?

The Washington D.C.-based carrier operated for just two years before it went bust.

Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200 Landing In Salt Lake City 1
Why Did Delta Air Lines Take On The Boeing 757?

The 'flying pencil' remains an important aircraft type for the US legacy carrier today.

Heathrow Airport ATC 1
UK Passengers Face Delays After Network-Wide Air Traffic Control Fault

The issues are expected to impact flights across Europe.

TWA Boeing 727 1
How A TWA Boeing 727 Landed After Being Bombed In 1986

The pilot had to act quickly following the shock.

Malaysia Airlines Airbus A350 1
Flagship Route: How Malaysia Airlines’ Airbus A350s Meet Demand Between London & Kuala Lumpur

Simple Flying spoke with the carrier's management about its aircraft and network.

Delta Douglas DC-4 1
Why Did Delta Air Lines Take On The Douglas DC-4?

The airline was one of several major carriers to operate the four-engine piston plane in the mid-20th century.

Britannia Airways Boeing 757 1
Does Anyone Remember Britannia Airways?

The charter airline served British holidaymakers for over four decades.

SAS Airbus A320 1
Why SAS Is The Flag Carrier Of 3 Countries

The airline has close ties to the region of Scandinavia as a whole.

easyJet Boeing 737 1
From 2 Routes To European Giant: A Short History Of easyJet

Looking back at the UK LCC's journey.

Overture Superfactory 1
Why North Carolina Is The Perfect Location For Boom Supersonic’s Overture Superfactory

Simple Flying spoke with Christopher Chung, CEO of the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina.

Etihad Manchester City Boeing 787 1
The Story Of Etihad Airways' Manchester City-Liveried Widebodies

Two of the carrier's twinjets have featured the club's sky blue color scheme.

A China Southern Boeing 757 as it's landing. 1
What Happened To China Southern's Boeing 757s?

The carrier's relationship with the type lasted for around three decades.

Japan Airlines DC-10 1
Lufthansa A330-300 1
Undercover Boss? Lufthansa's CEO Works A Night Flight In Economy

The executive was seen serving drinks to passengers.

Boeing 737 MAX Malaysia Airlines 1
Malaysia Airlines Reveals What To Expect Its New Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft

Simple Flying spoke with the airline about its MAX deliveries.

Max Verstappen Dassault Falcon 900EX | PH-DTF 1
The Private Jets Of Formula One

Many drivers have owned private jets over the years.

Boeing 747 Hump 1
How A US Military Contract Helped Bring About The Boeing 747's Famous Hump

The distinguishable design was ultimately rejected by the Air Force but led to the major success of a revolutionary airliner

Luggage and Aircraft in Background Shutterstock 1
How Long Do Airlines & Airports Keep Lost Property For?

Leaving a personal belonging behind can be a tough situation to navigate. Here’s what you should know.

Gulf Air Airbus A320 1
Gulf Air Flight 072: Bahrain's Deadliest Air Accident

It is approaching 23 years since the crash occurred.

Mandarin Airlines MD-11 1
24 Years Ago: China Airlines Flight 642 Crashes In Hong Kong

The flight was attempting to touch down in strong winds when it crashed.

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