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Tatenda Karuwa-Freelance Writer

Tatenda Karuwa

Freelance Writer

About Tatenda Karuwa

Journalist - Tatenda is a passionate aviation enthusiast and by combining his love for flying with his writing skills, he has become the Africa correspondent for Simple Flying. He provides the latest news and insight on airlines, airports, and other developments from all regions of the continent. He has been interested in aviation and flying from a very young age. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

A Goodyear Blimp flying in Deerfield Beach, Florida 1
What Is The Goodyear Blimp?

The round and colorful objects that have graced the American and European skies.

Ethiopian Airline Boeing 737 MAX in the snow. 1
Ethiopia's Combined Aircraft Fleet Is Valued At $5.25 Billion

Ethiopia's air transport sector is driven by its well-performing national carrier.

Transavia Boeing 737 aircraft 1
The History Of Transavia - KLM's Low Cost Subsidiary

Looking at how Transavia has evolved over the years.

A flight attendant stands nearby an Emirates Boeing 777. 1
The Business Behind Bidding For Seat Upgrades

How passengers can try their luck to fly in a premium class.

South African Airways Airbus A330 aircraft 1
South African Airways Swaps Out The Airbus A340 On Flights To Brazil

A six-year-old A330 will serve Sao Paulo starting in October.

Typical single-aisle economy class cabin 1
Why Airlines Reducing Leg Room Isn't Always Bad

Reduced legroom benefits the airlines much more than the passengers.

Ethiopian Airlines A350-900 taking off from Zambia 1
Ethiopian Ups Seoul Schedule Replacing The Boeing 787 With The Airbus A350

The carrier will offer additional seats per flight with the A350.

Air Algerie Airbus A330 1
Air Algerie's Johannesburg Airbus A330 Flight Will Become Its Longest In Africa

The airline landed in Johannesburg for the first time on Monday.

Airlink E190 with new black Skybucks livery 1
Windhoek Airport Evicts Ground Handler Menzies Leading To Flight Disruption

Several flights to Windhoek were canceled over the weekend.

South African Airways Airbus A340 and Lufthansa in Frankfurt 1
Codeshare: Lufthansa Teams Up With South African Airways

Customers will have access to more destinations in Europe and Southern Africa.

Dozens of Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft from many airlines parked at an airfield. 1
A Brief History Of The Most Famous Aircraft Groundings

Aircraft types are usually grounded after unclear fatal incidents.

Royal Air Maroc Boeing 737 MAX in Barcelona 1
Royal Air Maroc Signs $300 Million Deal To Lease 5 Boeing 737s

The agreement is part of the carrier's long-term fleet enhancement strategy.

A British Airways Aircraft flying behind London Gatwick Airport's ATC Control Tower. 1
Why Crew Ask Passengers To Turn On Airplane Mode

You should always put your phone on airplane mode for safety.

Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A320 1
Flights Diverted & Planes Removed As Violence Breaks Out In Libyan Capital

Violence erupted in Tripoli just a month before the resumption of flights from Italy.

British Airways & Qantas Airbus A380s at London Heathrow Airport 1
Inside Airport Slots - How They Work And Why They're So Expensive

Taking a look at how airport slots are allocated.

British Airways A380 1
Why Niger's Airspace Closure Is Good News For Ghana

Ghana is benefiting from flights rerouting through its airspace.

Kenya Airways Boeing 787-8 1
Boeing 787 Adventure: Kenya Airways Schedules Return To Bangkok In November

The airline will resume Bangkok flights after nine months.

Air France Boeing 777-300ER 1
Niger Airspace Closure: What's The Latest?

Mali has suspended Air France's flight operations.

An Air France A318 taxiing to the gate. 1
Baby Bus: Which Airlines Still Operate The Airbus A318?

Only two scheduled carriers still operate the 'Baby Bus.'

Airlink's Embraer E190 at sunset 1
South Africa's Airlink Faces Tribunal Hearing Over Predatory Pricing Allegations

The carrier has been accused of forcing out competition on a domestic route.

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