The Boeing 777X is the next generation of widebody aircraft under development at Boeing, set to bring the most modern performance and fuel-saving advancements to the world-renowned 777 family. The aircraft made its first test flight in January 2020, but following significant delays, deliveries of the type are not expected to begin until 2025. Despite these setbacks, which airlines have ordered the 777X so far?

What is the Boeing 777X?

The 777X is Boeing's latest composite widebody aircraft, combining the best of the 777 and the 787 to offer increased fuel efficiency and passenger comfort. The aircraft is easily identifiable by its unique folding wingtips.

The Folding wingtips of a Boeing 777X.
Photo: Arnold O. A. Pinto | Shutterstock

The 777X will be available in two variants for passengers - the 777-8 and the longer 777-9. The 777-9 will come first, which, in its most dense configuration, will be capable of carrying more than 400 passengers. The 777-8 will carry fewer passengers but will have a longer range than its larger sibling. In August 2023, Boeing revealed that it had extended the length of the passenger 777-8's fuselage in order to increase the aircraft's capacity and range.

See the latest in the long-running 777X project with this video from the Simple Flying team:

Which airlines have ordered the Boeing 777X?

While orders for the 777-8 have been slow, the 777-9 has proved significantly more popular with airlines worldwide. In total, 363 777Xs have been ordered across all variants, including the 777F. The largest order has come from Emirates, with 115 examples, while the smallest is from the Azerbaijani cargo carrier Silk Way West Airlines, with two. A complete list of firm orders can be seen in the table below:


Boeing 777X orders



Qatar Airways


Singapore Airlines




Etihad Airways


Cathay Pacific


All Nippon Airways


British Airways


Cargolux Airlines


Air India


Silk Way West Airlines


Undisclosed customer(s)


Notable Boeing 777X orders

Thanks to its early order, Lufthansa will be the launch customer of the 777X when deliveries begin in 2025. The German flag carrier expects to receive a total of 27 777-9s, which will replace some of the older aircraft in its fleet, such as the Boeing 747.

A Lufthansa Boeing 747-400 flying in the sky.
Photo: Robert Sarosiek | Shutterstock

As mentioned, Emirates has a total of 115 777Xs on firm order, which will begin to replace the Dubai-based carrier's older 777s. The airline is believed to be considering swapping 16 of its 777-8 orders for the larger 777-9. If nothing changes, Emirates will receive a 777X from Boeing in 2024 in order to carry out proving flights.

Iran Air originally placed an order for 15 777-9s, but due to the embargo on Iran by the US, Boeing was forced to cancel the order. Qantas, on the other hand, notoriously opted for the Airbus A350-1000 over the 777X for its Project Sunrise flights.

A Boeing 777X taxiing to the runway.
Photo: cpaulfell | Shutterstock

When it finally arrives, almost five years behind schedule, the Boeing 777X will likely be a game changer for the aviation industry, with airlines eager to take advantage of its high passenger capacity and long range. It remains to be seen if more carriers will place an order between now and then.

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