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Which Airlines Have Ordered The Boeing 777X?

So far, a total of nine passenger airlines have ordered the Boeing 777X.

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Boeing Stretches The 777-8 And Increases Passenger Capacity

The increase in the length of the 777-8's fuselage has boosted the aircraft's passenger capacity and range.

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Emirates Is Said To Be Swapping Boeing 777-8 Orders For The 777-9

The Gulf carrier has firm orders for 115 Boeing 777X aircraft.

The Boeing 777-9 with make its first offical appearance at the 2023 Paris Airshow  1
What To Expect From Airbus & Boeing At The Paris Air Show

Boeing is bringing two new models of existing aircraft families, and both companies are excited to show off electric-hybrid aircraft technologies.

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Cool: Lufthansa Technik Shows Off Boeing 777X Business Jet Interior Concept

The jet features a spacious sitting room, an entourage area, and a private bedroom suite at the front of the aircraft.

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How Active Have Boeing's 777X Test Aircraft Been In the Last Year?

One of the testbeds has been flying nearly everyday.

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Emirates President Says Boeing 777X Test Program Paused Due To Issues With GE9X Engines

The airline boss is again expressing frustration with the lack of progress on the widebody plane.

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