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Which Airlines Have Ordered The Boeing 777X?

So far, a total of nine passenger airlines have ordered the Boeing 777X.

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Boeing Stretches The 777-8 And Increases Passenger Capacity

The increase in the length of the 777-8's fuselage has boosted the aircraft's passenger capacity and range.

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Why Do Airlines Like Being Launch Customers For New Plane Types?

Being the first can come with all the glory, but it can also mean being the first to find out the faults.

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Boeing Says 777X & 737 MAX Certification Delays Could Lead To "Significant Order Cancelations"

The planemaker is already dealing with $1 billion of abnormal production costs concerning the 777X program.

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Emirates Is Said To Be Swapping Boeing 777-8 Orders For The 777-9

The Gulf carrier has firm orders for 115 Boeing 777X aircraft.

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136 Deliveries & 407 Orders: A Look At Boeing’s Second Quarter

The manufacturer performed strongly in Q2, but its delivery and order numbers are still lagging behind those of rival Airbus.

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What’s The Point Of The Folding Wingtips On The Boeing 777X?

The novel feature allows the Boeing 777X to land in airports that it wouldn’t otherwise fit in.

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Boeing To Send A 777X To Emirates For Proving Flights In 2024

The proving tests will be 11 years in the making.

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Explained: The Ingenious Strategy Behind United Airlines' Delayed Purchase Of The Boeing 777-300ER

The carrier purchased a 777 variant that was a full 12 years old - it was an excellent decision.

The Boeing 777X undertakes a steep turn at the 2022 Farnborough Airshow 1
Why Aircraft Performing At The Paris Air Show Don't Transmit Altitude Data

You may have noticed something odd if you've been watching this week!

A Boeing 777-8F freighter taking off.  1
The Boeing 777XF: Everything We Know So Far

A brief guide to Boeing's latest long-range freighter and its current customers.

Boeing 777X at the Dubai Air Show in 2021  1
300 Parts Down To Just 7: The Benefits Of General Electric's Additive Manufacturing Techniques

General Electric’s largest and most powerful commercial aircraft engine incorporates various additive manufacturing techniques.

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2023 Update: What's The Latest On The Boeing 777X?

The Boeing 777X is still at least two years away from entering service, assuming all goes to plan.

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Why The Boeing 777X Is The Perfect 747 Replacement

Boeing's latest widebody is hoping to replace its most popular one.

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A Boeing 777X Taking Off. 1
The Biggest Boeing 777X Customers So Far

Boeing's latest design has racked up some major orders in the last few years.

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3 Years Since The 1st Flight: What's Happening With The Boeing 777X?

Boeing hopes its new widebody will be certified in less than two years.

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How Active Have Boeing's 777X Test Aircraft Been In the Last Year?

One of the testbeds has been flying nearly everyday.

A Boeing 777X in the manufacturer's livery is seen flying at the 2022 Farnborough Airshow. 1
The Technical Features Taking The Boeing 777X To The Next Level

A recap of innovations found on Boeing's upcoming long-range product.

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Airbus Patented Folding Wingtips Like The Boeing 777X

Airbus has some innovative wing technology on the books too.

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Boeing Resumes 777-9 Test Flights After Two Month Pause

The 777X has returned to the skies following issues with the GE9X engine.