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Tom Boon

Content Manager

About Tom Boon

Holding a degree in Aerospace Technology, this certified pilot is a passionate specialist in European aviation. As Content Manager of Simple Flying, Tom leads the content team overseeing all aspects of Simple Flying's output. Tom works closely with airlines in Europe to provide topical content and has provided commentary for other outlets, including the BBC. Based in Frankfurt, Germany.

A Singapore Airlines A350-900 taxiing to the runway. 1
How Much More Can Singapore Airlines Grow?

With no domestic market and coming out of its toughest period yet, what is the industry-leading carrier's expansion plan?

A Goodyear Blimp flying in Deerfield Beach, Florida 1
What Is The Goodyear Blimp?

The round and colorful objects that have graced the American and European skies.

Ryanair plane and passengers 1
Why Is Ryanair So Cheap?

The airline is famous for its incredibly low airfares.

Lufthansa Airbus A350 taking off 1
What Happens When A Pilot Decides To Abort Takeoff

A series of calculations are required to be carried out for safely aborting a takeoff.

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An Emirates Aibus A380 flying in the sky. 1
The 12 Best Airports For Spotting Airbus A380s

As of August 2023, 58 airports receive at least one A380 flight per week. Which receive the most?

A flight attendant stands nearby an Emirates Boeing 777. 1
The Business Behind Bidding For Seat Upgrades

How passengers can try their luck to fly in a premium class.

Ryanair Group - new Boeing 737 8-200 1
The Ryanair Group: From One Airline To Five

How did Ryanair go from one large airline to five smaller airlines?

British Airways low-cost Go Fly Airlines 737-300 taking off 1
Was Selling Low Cost Carrier 'GO' BA's Greatest Mistake?

British Airways sold Go in a historic move just 22 years ago.

Podcast featured image 1
The Simple Flying Podcast Episode 183: Avensis Aviation's CEO, Cristian Sutter

Simple Flying is joined by Cristian Sutter, CEO of Avensis Aviation, to discuss the passenger-to-freighter conversion market!

British Airways BOAC Boeing 747 1
British Airways' BOAC Boeing 747 Is Being Dismantled But You Could Buy Parts

Parts of the historic aircraft are expected to be sold to aviation enthusiasts once the aircraft is dismantled.

N840AN American Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner (3) 1
Denmark, France, Italy: American Airlines Boosts European Network With 3 New Cities

The airline will fly daily to 14 European cities from Philadelphia next summer.

A Photo of muiltiple Ryanair Boeing 737s pakred during Sunset. 1
10 Reasons Why Flying Ryanair Isn't As Bad As You Think

Let's take a look at the LCC's more favorable traits.

Hurricane seen on a weather map 1
How Does The FAA Deal With Hurricanes?

With 2023 set to be a big year for hurricanes, we take a look at how the FAA is preparing.

Kalitta Air Boeing 747-400F 1
Kalitta Air Boeing 747-400 Slides Off The Runway Landing In Ningbo, China

Ningbo Airport remains closed until further notice.

An old aircraft used in the Berlin Airlift on display. 1
The Berlin Airlift - How An Entire City Was Supplied By Air

Nearly 670 flights were operated each day!

A man sitting in an airport, with his feet resting in the air on top of a piece of luggage, looking at a departing aircraft. 1
A350 1
4 Years On: Looking Back At British Airways' Inaugural Airbus A350 Flight

What Is It Like Travelling On An Inaugural Flight?

shutterstock_1393414715 1
10 Things You Should Know About Beijing's New Daxing Airport

The giant airport opened its doors almost four years ago.

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