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The FAA, or Federal Aviation Administration, is the United States' civil aviation regulator. The agency is heavily involved the certification of new Boeing products.


United Airlines Boeing 787 1
FAA Reaches 2023 Hiring Goal For Air Traffic Controllers

The administration has hired 1,500 air traffic controllers this year alone.

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Boom Supersonic’s XB-1 Has Experimental Certification: What’s Next?

Boom Supersonic's XB-1 prototype is cleared for test flight. Read on for what's being tested with XB-1 and why.

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FAA Issues New Alert To Prevent Ground Crew Injuries

The alert was released after two incidents, one of them deadly.

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EASA & The FAA Certify The Dassault Falcon 6X Private Jet

The certification comes after over two years of test flight campaigns.

 Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-251 taking off from Seattle Tacoma International Airport. 1
FAA Issues Response To The New York Times Close Call Report

Nearly 50 near-miss incidents involving commercial aircraft reportedly occurred last month.

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Airlines Continue To Avoid Afghan Airspace Though FAA Allows It

Safety concerns about such operations are keeping airlines from flying over Afghanistan.

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How Does The FAA Deal With Hurricanes?

With 2023 set to be a big year for hurricanes, we take a look at how the FAA is preparing.

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Airplane landing in bad weather.  1
FAA To Pause Departures From East Coast Airports Due To Major Storm

Delays and cancellations have stemmed from crew displacement and thunderstorms.

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65 Years Old This Month: A Guide To The FAA's Main Responsibilities

From overseeing airports and pilot certification to research and safety regulation - and more.

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Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 Returns To Orlando With Burst Tire

Two suffered minor injuries in the incident.

Two Viva Aerobus planes on the ground and an Aeromexico departing in the back  1
Have Mexico's Hopes Of Regaining Category 1 Taken A Hit?

The FAA is set to announce Mexico's latest IASA results in the next few days, according to reports.

The three  1
Explained: Part 121 Airline Rules In The United States

A detailed description of Part 121 from its inception to the modern day.

Many American Airlines aircraft lined up at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. 1
FAA Issues Ground Stop At Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

The order caused planes to be held up for about an hour as temperatures soared above 100 degrees.

American Airlines Boeing 737-823 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.  1
FAA Invests More Than $90 Million To Reach Net-Zero Goals

The agency said the effort is helping airports become more sustainable.

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United Airlines CEO Meets With FAA Chief After Operational Meltdown

Kirby has backtracked on earlier criticism of the agency.

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Can You Take Camera Batteries On Planes?

Yes, but there’s a catch.

Aler Flying Car 1
World's First 'Flying Car' Gets Special Airworthiness Certification From FAA

The passenger compartment remains stationary as the car's body spins around into a biplane configuration.

United Airlines route launch at BER 1
United Airlines CEO Calls Out FAA On Disruptions In The Northeast

More than 10,000 flights were affected on two consecutive days.

UK's B-17 Flying Fortress 1
Europe's Last Boeing B-17 'Flying Fortress' Is Set To Fly Again

Europe's final heavy bomber is again airworthy.

Ethiopian Airlines ground services at Addis Ababa International 1
IATA Joins Forces With FAA, ICAO & More To Improve Aviation Safety In Africa

Safety is one of the critical areas of the Focus Africa initiative.