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A Qantas Airport Hanger in Sydney Australia. 1
Unsung Heroes: 5 Ways In Which Maintenance Engineers Keep An Airline's Fleet Moving

Maintenance engineers work tirelessly both on the ground and in closed hangers to keep aircraft in the air.

Speed tape applied to an aircraft component. 1
Why Do Airlines Apply 'Speed Tape' To Their Planes?

A maintenance procedure that accidentally leaves many passengers concerned.

N589NW Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-351 (3) 1
How Often Do Airliners Have Their Tires Changed?

Aircraft tires are exposed to enormous forces and stress. After how many flight cycles do they need changing?

Emirates engineer 1
Explained: The Different Kinds Of Engineers In The Aviation Industry

Almost all kinds of engineers work in the aviation industry.

221117KiddsKids-WEB033-source - Southwest Airlines photo of a Boeing 737 1
Southwest Airlines Mechanics Approve Collective Bargaining Agreement

The contract raises workers' wages above the 'big three' US legacy carriers.

A Boeing 777 inside a maintenance hangar. 1
Five Essential Aspects Of Aircraft Maintenance

Irrespective of the scope of work, the essential aspects of aircraft maintenance must be fulfilled.

Close-up image of two turbofan engines on a parked Boeing jet 1
Airline Bosses Are Losing Sleep Over The Next Meltdown: How Predictive Maintenance Could Help

Emerging technology can improve safety and help airlines run more efficiently.

An Embraer maintenance engineer works on an engine.  1
A Day In The Life Of An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Inspections, troubleshooting, and documentation are essential responsibilities of aircraft maintenance engineers.

Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-790 taking off during golden hour against mountain backdrop 1
How Do Aircraft Cope In Hot And High Environments?

The aircraft must cope at the structural level as well as the thrust performance level.

Iberia Maintenance providing MRO services.  1
Which Qualifications Do Aircraft Engineers Require?

A range of regulatory licenses and certifications may be required after a university degree.

Go First Airbus A320neo 1
Court Allows Go First Lessors To Inspect Grounded Aircraft

Lessors can access the aircraft to perform maintenance and conduct inspections at least twice a month.

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner in house livery, parked at an airfield. 1
How Boeing's Insight Accelerator Is Helping Minimize Maintenance Costs

Boeing's Insight Accelerator provides improved operational efficiency, increased schedule reliability, and a reduction in maintenance costs.

A Gulfstream G650 flying above the clouds. 1
Maintaining Private Jets: How Much Does It Cost?

Depending on the type and size of the private jet, maintenance can cost upwards of a million dollars.

lufthansa electric ground handling vehicle 1
CAE Says 1.3 Million New Aviation Professionals Needed By 2032

Demand for aircraft and passenger traffic is expected to grow in the next ten years

A Jetstar Airbus A330 undergoing maintenance in a hangar at Sydney Airport. 1
The Ultimate Aircraft Maintenance Guide: Best Practices & Procedures

Aircraft operators must ensure necessary maintenance is done to keep airworthiness certificates valid.

Turkish Airlines A350 TC-LGL at Turkish Technic hangar 1
Turkish Airlines Considering MRO Facility In Serbia

If it goes ahead, Turkish Technic's MRO facility in Belgrade could lead to greater cooperation between Turkish Airlines and Air Serbia.

Avionics students 1
West Los Angeles Community College Launches Avionics Bachelor’s Degree Program

An affordable four-year program in avionics maintenance.

Aircraft mechanics working on the left engine of an Aeromexico Boeing 737 aircraft.  1
Aviation Maintenance Technician Day: What Is It & Why Does It Matter?

Thank you to all the engineers ensuring tens of thousands of daily flights go without incident!

British Airways Airplane In Flight 1
Some British Airways Staff Are Now Wearing The Airline's New Uniform

Ground, maintenance, and engineering teams at British Airways will begin wearing the airline's new uniforms today.

Inside an Azul MRO Hangar. 1
What Qualifications Do Aircraft Mechanics & Engineers Require?

Qualified and licensed mechanics must complete periodic training required by the aviation regulatory authority.