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Jetblue Airbus A320 at the gate at Tampa International Airport.  1
Hurricane Idalia Threat Grounds Aircraft And Closes Airports

Several aircraft have been parked in Cinncinatti to wait out the storm.

Sydney Airport Qantas Terminal  1
How To Access Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport By Public Transport

With a range of convenient options available, travelers can choose the mode of transportation that best suits their needs

Boeing B787-8 Dreamliner N966AM Aeroméxico MMMX Jul 24 2021 AF 01-1 1
Latin America’s Ten Busiest Airports In 2022

The list was dominated by Mexican, Brazilian, and Colombian airports.

frankfurt airport 1
A Brief Guide To Night Flight Restrictions At Germany's Major Airports

All German Airports have some night restrictions.

Luggage and Aircraft in Background Shutterstock 1
How Long Do Airlines & Airports Keep Lost Property For?

Leaving a personal belonging behind can be a tough situation to navigate. Here’s what you should know.

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Nice Airport (NCE) 1
Which Are The European Countries With No Commercial Airports?

It is rare to find a country without a commercial airport.

49073235787_291a8c0d79_k 1
Mataveri International: A Brief Guide To The World's Most Remote Airport

A mystical gateway to Easter Island that stands testament to human ingenuity and the boundless expanse of our planet

A GOL Linhas Aéreas aircraft waiting to depart from Santos Dumont Airport  1
IATA Opposes Brazil’s Restriction Of Flights At Santos Dumont In Rio De Janeiro

Brazil imposed a restriction on Santos Dumont limiting all flights to distances of up to 400 kilometers.

An Aerial View of Friedrichshafen Airport. 1
Gateway To Lake Constance: A Brief Guide To Germany's Friedrichshafen Airport

The facility will see the launch of a new route this winter.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport 1
Kuala Lumpur International Airport: Which Airlines Use Which Terminal?

The two terminals have distinct functions, served by different airlines

A Twin Otter landing at Barra Airport in Scottland. 1
3 Reasons Why Avgeeks Love Scotland's Barra Airport

The airport handles just two flights per day.

Hudson News Edmonton Airport 1
Why Book Shops Are A Popular Feature Of Many Airports

Airport bookstores are an excellent place to kill time.

A LATAM Colombia aircraft  1
Many military aircraft parked at Charleston Field AFB. 1
Joint-Use Airports: Everything You Need To Know

These airports can be beneficial to both parties.

Air India and IndiGo tails  1
India's Shivamogga Airport Delays Launch Over Bomb Threat Contingency Plan Woes

The long awaited domestic airport's opening has been postponed.

Passengers manuvering through airport security. 1
Why Do Laptops Need To Be Removed From Hand Luggage At Airport Security?

It has everything to do with the batteries and airport scanners.

Many British Airways aircraft lined up at London Heathrow Airport. 1
These Are The UK's 10 Most Polluting Airports By Emissions Per Passenger-Kilometer

Smaller airports tend to perform worse in terms of CO2-per-passenger-kilometer numbers.

Just outside Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1. 1
5 Ways To Kill Boredom During Long Layovers

Here's how to get through one of the most dreaded passenger experiences.

A view of Atlanta Hartfield Jackson Airport  1
Interview: How Can Airports Lead The Industry's Decarbonization?

Airports could spearhead the availability and production of SAF.

Osaka Kansai Airport Aerial View 1
The History Behind Osaka Kansai International Airport

Next year will mark 30 years since the facility opened.

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