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About Jack Herstam

Jack is an airline pilot in the United States. He previously worked as a flight instructor, where he discovered a passion for teaching about every topic related to flight, as well as mentoring prospective pilots. With a degree in Political Science, Ethnic Studies, and Philosophy from Santa Clara University, Jack is delighted to share his passion through writing with Simple Flying.

Aer Lingus Pilots Walking Together 1
Dividing Duties: How Pilots Decide Roles On A Given Flight

How pilots determine who flies and who monitors.

A narrowbody airliner being pushed back. 1
What Does It All Mean? A Brief Guide To Hand Signals On An Airport Apron

How pilots and ground staff communicate without headsets.

A Delta Connection Embraer E175 taking off with the JFK tower in the background 1
Small Airports & Odd Hours: When Airline Pilots Operate Without ATC

Airline pilots operate without ATC's presence from time to time.

A Boeing 737 flight deck at night. 1
Why Lasers Pose Such A Threat To Pilots & Aircraft

A look at why pointing lasers at planes is unwise.

Lufthansa jets sit on stand overnight in Munich.  1
Layover Length: What Determines How Long Crews Stay Overnight?

The influencers of time spent in a destination city.

A Pilot Conducting A Pre-Flight Inspection. 1
Explained: The Importance Of Type Ratings For Commercial Pilots

Examining the legal credentials required to fly airliners.

three American Airlines regional jets parked at airport gates. 1
Keeping Busy: Everything That Pilots Have To Do Between Flights

What pilots and their colleagues do during a "turn."

An Airbus flight deck tray table.  1
How Do Pilots' Flying Schedules Impact When & What They Eat?

The ins and outs of eating in the air.

A Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-231 in SkyTeam Livery flying in the sky. 1
A lineup of planes from all around the globe at LAX. 1
Explained: The Importance Of The Phonetic Alphabet In Modern Aviation

A brief history and explanation of aviation's alphabet.

A Horizon Air Embraer 175 climbing out of Ted Steven's Anchorage Int'l. 1
Blasting Off: Examining An Airliner's Required Climb Profile

The four climb segments applied to every takeoff.

Multiple Lufthansa pilots walking together.. 1
The Importance Of Strong Cockpit Communication: A Pilot's Perspective

Good communication doesn't always require verbosity.

The three  1
Explained: Part 121 Airline Rules In The United States

A detailed description of Part 121 from its inception to the modern day.

An airline captain greets a young traveller.  1
What Are A Chief Pilot's Roles & Responsibilities?

A brief explanation of the top pilot in a domicile.

An assortment of digital and paper logbooks. 1
What Does A Commercial Pilot's Logbook Look Like?

Insights into how pilots log their flight time.

A General Electric GE90 mounted to a Boeing 777-300ER. 1
How Do Pilots Manage Mid-Air Engine Flameouts?

Why jet engines fail and how pilots respond.

The wake left behind a Boeing 737 is clearly evident on a high humidity day in Phuket. 1
Predicting & Avoiding Wake Turbulence: A Pilot's Guide

Ensuring adequate space behind "supers" and "heavies."

A Qatar Airways Boeing 747 freighter being loaded.  1
Understanding Aircraft Weight & Balance: A Pilot's Guide

A simple explanation of the balance of forces in-flight.

waypoints seen on a touchscreen in an airbus aircraft 1
Arrival & Departure Procedures: The Fun & Quirky Names For Waypoints

The often fun ways arrivals and departures are monikered.

Two pilots in the flight deck of a Boeing 777. 1
What Do Pilots Talk About When Not Communicating With Air Traffic Control?

Passing time in a low workload environment.

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