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London Heathrow Air Traffic Control Tower 1
Reports Suggest Incorrect Flight Plan Knocked Out UK ATC

Airlines and passengers are still feeling the impacts of yesterday's disruption.

Heathrow Airport ATC 1
UK Passengers Face Delays After Network-Wide Air Traffic Control Fault

The issues are expected to impact flights across Europe.

shutterstock_1560913604 - Beirut, Lebanon - November 4, 2018: Airplane on final approach to Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport 1
Beirut Airport ATC Threatens To Stop Night Operations Amid Staff Shortages

Overworked air traffic controllers are ready to strike at Beirut International to match the schedule with limited staffing

An ANA Boeing 787 just after takeoff. 1
"Rotate!" - Why Pilots Say This On Takeoff

Insight on the often-repeated pilot lingo used during takeoff.

WestJet Boeing 787-9 1
WestJet CEO Blames Air Traffic Control For Flight Delays

The airline chief shared a grumpy selfie to vent his frustrations.

Inside an air traffic control tower. 1
Explained: The Protocols That Minimize & Negate The Impacts Of Losses Of ATC Communication

What to do when you can’t contact air traffic control.

Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX 1
Ryanair Cancels 400 Flights As French ATC Strike Again

Today's cancelations affected about 12.5% of Ryanair's operations.

Air France Aircraft At CDG 1
IATA Has Serious Concerns About Air Traffic Control

IATA Director General Willie Walsh spoke about ATC woes as French controllers prepare for another strike on June 6th.

An Air Ambulance aircraft mid rotation at Malta airport. 1
Did You Know: MedEvac Flights Have Special Callsigns

Moving the critically ill from one place to another.

Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX | EI-HMW 1
European ATC Strikes Cause 1,200 Tons Of Extra CO₂ Emissions A Day

Disruptions in one country cause a ripple effect across the entire European aviation industry.

A first officer working in cockpit. 1
What Is A Pilot Deviation?

Inadvertent mistakes are rare but happen. Here's a look at the types of pilot deviations.

Joanna-BaileyIMG_2743 - easyJet and Ryanair on a tarmac 1
easyJet CEO Says French ATC Strikes Impacted 10 Million People

easyJet, along with Ryanair, is concerned about the impact of the French air traffic strike but has reason to believe in a high-demand future.

Aircraft silhouettes by ATC tower 1
The FAA Selects A New Sustainable ATC Tower Design For Smaller Airports

The new sustainable ATC tower designs to be built nationwide will help the FAA in its aim to reach net-zero by 2050.

El Al Boeing 777 1
Fighter Jets Intercept El Al Boeing 777 Over Europe

El Al will investigate after a 12-minute drop in communications.

Aircraft landing at Los Angeles International Airport during sunset 1
US Air Traffic Control Shortages Are Now Causing More Airlines To Cancel Flights

Major carriers including JetBlue and American Airlines are already looking to scale back services in New York and Washington DC this summer.

View of the Mumbai ATC tower and surrouding area. 1
Indian Authorities To Hire More ATCs To Keep Up With Growing Traffic

There are more than 500 ATCO vacancies to be filled in India.

An ITA Airways A350-900 MSN270 1
Strikes Set To Impact Italian Flights On Sunday

Carriers, including ITA Airways and Ryanair, have preemptively canceled flights and are looking to rebook customers.

Inside an air traffic control tower. 1
Can Non-Native English Speaking Pilots Use Other Languages With Air Traffic Control?

Rules and regulations concerning radio communications globally.

Aircraft lined up at New York JFK Airport 1
The FAA Says "Zero" Close Calls Should Happen Again

Following a spate of incidents across the US, and faced with a summer of crowded skies, the FAA is taking action to improve safety.

Air India A320 Kathmandu approach 1
ATC Staff Suspended After Close Call Between Air India & Nepal Airlines Aircraft In Kathmandu

The Civil Aviation Authority is taking swift action after an incident on Friday.